Share and track
property documents.

InstaDocs streamlines the due diligence process by providing secure and easy access to documentation for buyers and tracking capabilities for agents.

Simple. Secure

InstaDocs simplifies the due diligence process for prospective buyers, provides insightful document tracking metrics for agents, and keep vendors in the loop with downloadable reports.

Seamless. Integrated.

The InstaDocs dataroom is integrated with all premium listing packages on the DevelopmentReady and CommercialReady platforms.

When an InstaDocs dataroom is enabled, the buyers can request access directly via the property listing page.


InstaDocs is a trusted value-add resource in the sales process for Australia’s largest commercial real estate agencies.

User case

Step 1

Property Listing

Alex, a real estate agent, has recently listed a property on a listing portal such as DevelopmentReady or CommercialReady.

Step 1

Search for a property

Jacinta, a property developer, is monitoring property listings in the Gold Coast, Australia. She would like to develop townhouses in a growing area.

She finds a property that sparks her interest and enquires with the agent.

Step 2

Upload and organise documents

Alex is responsible for ensuring that potential buyers have access to the due diligence documents in an organised and secure way.

Step 2

Gain access to the InstaDocs dataroom

After initial discussions about the property, Jacinta requires the documentation in order to complete her feasibility report.

The agent subsequently grants Jacinta access to the InstaDocs dataroom.

Step 3

Set permissions and share

After uploading and organising the documentation, Alex can set the data-room security permissions and share a link to prospective buyers.

Step 3

View the documentation

Jacinta finds all the relevant documentation such as floor plans, easements, and contracts of sale in the InstaDocs dataroom.

She uses this information to complete her feasibility and due diligence.

Step 4

Track and Report

After sharing the data-room with prospective buyers, Alex can then track what documents they have viewed, how many times and for how long, as well as any downloads.

To keep Alex’s vendor in the loop, a vendor report can be exported, this report conveniently redacts buyers contact information.

Step 4

Make an informed decision

With her feasibility report now complete, and with the confidence that she is able to make this project work, Jacinta is happy to proceed to negotiate with the agent to find a deal that works for both herself and the vendor.